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“Britney is a great instructor! She makes sure everyone is getting in a great workout. My kids love it here too. They can run around and it’s very safe. Highly recommend signing up! It’s one of the best things I did since moving up here from San Diego.”
– Ramey K.

“Great workout! Britney and all the other mamas are amazing! I’m also 27 weeks pregnant and Britney is always taking her time to show me modifications and making sure I’m comfortable.”
– Wendy J.

“We absolutely LOVE MommyFit! Not only do I get a great workout in, the kids get to have a fun play date and burn energy at the same time!! That’s a win-win!! Discovering MommyFit has been such a blessing because after I became a mom I was finding my energy levels were at an all time low. By 2pm I was pretty much glued to the couch because I was so tired from lack of sleep… that was until I found MommyFit. I have never felt better in my whole life. Seriously! I’m in better shape than I have ever been in. Regular exercise with MommyFit has changed my life. I was never comfortable with leaving my son at a “gym daycare” so joining a regular gym was out of the question. Trying to workout from home just never really worked either. Working out with Britney (the owner and trainer) and the other mamas has made such a difference! Britney always comes up great workouts and keeps things fun.”
– Lindsay K.

“Britney is such an amazing trainer and friend! I love the workouts and also being able to bring my daughter… we have made such amazing friends here and been able to get healthy!”
– Vanessa S.

“I love this class! It’s challenging, rewarding (I’m in better shape than I was pre-baby), and my almost 8 month old daughter loves playing with the other babies and watching the older kids. I’ve never loved working out, but I enjoy going to MommyFit every morning and even miss it on weekends! I have definitely noticed that my energy and stamina levels are much higher, as well as my confidence. Thank you Britney!”
– Brittinie A.

“MommyFit is AMAZING! To be able to get in a good workout while my daughter can play with other kids close-by me & I can keep an eye on her is priceless! She looks forward to going as much as I do so that she can see all her friends she’s made there. Britney is a fantastic trainer and so helpful! The classes are structured, fun and Britney is is so encouraging! It is a wonderful group of moms who all support one another in their fitness goals. I truly cannot say enough great things about MommyFit!”
– Kari P.

“With 3 small children, someone was always unhappy or sick from the gym daycare. With MommyFit, we get a customized workout with Britney, and my children have a space right next to me to eat snacks & play with other children! It is always a great class!! You will not be disappointed!”
– Audrey Z.