COVID-19 Update

Your health and wellness is our priority!

Updated August 1, 2020

We are dedicated to doing our part to keep our community safe during the Covid-19 crisis. We believe good, clean nutrition and exercise are imperative for a strong immune system and your first line of defense. We are offering all of our classes, personal training, and nutrition consultations on our online platform for all our members to access our services from home throughout the day. Working closely with our local city officials and public health department, we have developed guidelines for our studio and instructors to follow for all in-studio activities.

Franchisee/Gym Protocol

  • All safety guidelines will be made available upon entrance, throughout the gym, and via digital platforms.


  • Staff will:
    • Understand quarantine behaviors;
    • Be strongly encouraged to wear masks and gloves at all times whenever provisions are available;
    • Know studio capacity restrictions;
  • Strategic scheduling will be implemented to minimize the number of staff members who work together.
  • A strict stay at home policy for any employees exhibiting symptoms and a reporting process for confirmed and/or potential COVID-19 contraction has been implemented.

Social Distancing

  • Strict adherence to CDC distancing guidelines, maintaining 6 feet of distance in all studio activities.
    • Gym capacity limited to a certain number of people, for example 5 people per 1,000 square feet if required by local mandates;
    • No contact training and no equipment sharing;

Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitation Protocols

  • Medical-grade cleaning products and hand sanitizers available throughout studio, and:
    • Require hand washing before and after workout;
    • Pre-use and post-use wipe down protocol on all equipment, including office equipment and body comp scanners, as well as updating member processes to educate on cleaning and sanitation.
  • Detailed in-depth and frequent cleaning protocol, including:
    • Studio and bathroom will be cleaned thoroughly between classes and at end of day.
  • Water station for refilling water bottles only.
  • No equipment sharing will be allowed.

Here is what we recommend for you to help us keep each other healthy

  • Please bring your own equipment; you will need a mat, weights, and stability ball and resistance band for select classes. We do have equipment bundles available for purchase if you need.
  • Wash yours and your littles’ hands upon entry.
  • Please save snacks until after class to avoid snack sharing and mouth touching for the children.
  • Eat clean. Healthy foods boost your immune system! Ask us how! We offer nutrition consultations!
  • Stay Hydrated. Drink lots of water! Your body needs at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day.
  • Maintain your physical fitness. A healthy body is a strong and resilient one!
  • Get Good Sleep. Good sleep habits are important for your immune system and your body’s recovery.
  • Keep your stress low. A calm mind promotes a strong immune system.
  • Consider adding immune boosting supplements such as probiotics, vitamins, and elderberry syrup. Please feel free to ask us for recommendations and we can order them for you.
  • If ANY symptoms arise, please stay home, rest, and eat healthy foods.

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