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Why MommyFit?

MommyFit is a special group of mommies with the mindset to get healthier. We meet to build up and encourage one another in our pursuits of motherhood and to grow as women.

We offer a full range of affordable services and fitness opportunities for moms looking to get fit and bring their little ones along!

More than a workout...connect with other moms and discover a new passion!

Meet Britney

Hi! I’m Britney, your MommyFit Instructor!
I am a Registered Nurse and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise, Women’s Fitness, and Fitness Nutrition speciality certifications with over 15 years experience.
I specialize in corrective exercises that progress pregnant or postpartum clients with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Diastasis Recti, SI Joint Pain, and Low Back Pain into high-intensity exercise. 
I am passionate about helping people and love both training and nursing!
After my son was born, my husband and I decided for me to become a stay at home mom. I began teaching a group of moms I met in our neighborhood shortly after we relocated to Temecula. The group evolved and grew, and MommyFit was born!
I have made the most amazing mommy friends, and have so much fun every session! My son and daughter couldn’t be happier to have 5 playdates a week with all their friends! MommyFit has been such a blessing for all of us.
I am so excited to meet you and can’t wait to help YOU reach YOUR goals!

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Symptoms of dysfunction vary from pelvic pain, incontinence, pain with sex, painful periods, constipations, frequent urge to urinate, and more. We will work together to create a plan through personal training and/or physical therapy with a recommended pelvic floor therapist to get you on the road to recovery!

Diastasis Recti

Diastasis is not limited to a local abdominal issue, but rather a whole body kinetic chain issue. There are many pieces to the puzzle to heal diastasis. With corrective exercises, you can decrease the separation and tone the abdominal muscles without surgery in most cases.  

Back & Joint Pain

Many women suffer from back and joint pain during pregnancy & postpartum. Our therapeutic exercises & postural changes can help fix the cause of the pain rather than just mask the symptoms. Proper training can also help prevent pain, so you don’t need to wait until the pain starts to begin the program.

Before & After

Our mommies are amazing!



Nope! All fitness levels are welcome! We design a program to fit your skill level, schedule and budget.

Great question! They can sit by you, be worn in a carrier, play with the other kids or even workout with you. Also, nursing a baby or attending to your kids’ needs during class is normal and expected. We’ve all been there! Just jump right back in when you’re ready. 

Each session targets different muscle groups and is designed specifically for your goals and fitness level to tone, build core strength, engage the pelvic floor, and get you Mommy-Fit and ready to chase those littles!  No two sessions are the same. Kids are always welcome to come play and stay right by your side!

Water and yourself! If you’re bringing your kiddos along, you may want to bring snacks, toys and anything they may need.

We are more than a great workout, we are a special group of moms that share the same goals: get healthier, grow and excel.

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